#Inktober was started back in 2009 by Jake who had a simple idea to motivate himself to draw something every single day in October. It reminded me of other illustrators I know who would do “still studies” to improve certain aspects of their illustrating. I adapted that idea into “Writing Studies” where I would pick a particular form of writing (ie first person, past tense, or mystery genre) and write a several stories using that form till I felt less intimidated by it or until I felt comfortable enough to incorporate it into my own writing. I want to do the same thing with Inktober. Hence, Pentober.

So, while illustrators will be toiling away every day drawing something on paper, I want to encourage myself, and other writers like me, to pick up a pen and write a story on paper! I know there are probably 90% of writers who would find this form of storytelling daunting and difficult, especially as we are surrounding by so much technology. But I’d like to revitalize the ancient form of writing storiesĀ by hand. I think we can do it!

I’m starting with 2018 and hope to keep this idea going for many years to come. I hope you consider joining me. Just look for the hashtag #pentober on your Instagram or Twitter accounts to join and share your work. And check out the other pages on the site. All of them helpful in how you can participate along with me.